Star´s color Zuzana – 30 souls give me color

(14 de Febrero)

En marzo es mi cumpleaños, y agradeciendo la vida, estaré cada día de febrero honrando a quienes me han hecho ser mejor cada día, ya con la presencia de cada uno, tengo regalo de vida para rato. GRACIAS

In March is my birthday, I’m thanking the life, I’ll be honoring every day of February to who have made me better Human Being, with them I have a gifts all my life . Thanks


Zuzana , with our life in Cape Town I was very happy, but I think that our time together was very short.

You were in my first time there a big explosion in my heart. Absolutely love. Miss you.
I wish we will be in a same time, a same place.

When I think about you, my soul is shining, because you give me a star´s color, star’s color Zuzana.


I don´t know how we could to talk, my basic English, your basic English, I suppose it was love.

We need hugs, and in my dreams is our next Christmas. My life have been change, but I know that God wants meeting us.

This letter I had post on Valantine´s Day, it´s my present to you, but my wi fi died 🙂


Love you forever, my stunning friend. 





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